Help Us help them button for Covid Relief

The Covid-19 Pandemic has left us without our prime source of funding.  Despite this, a small team of dedicated staff are on-site to care for the animals of Tenikwa, and to admit wildlife in need of rehabilitation during this period. 

We have come up with several ways in which you can help us care for the animals.  Any financial support, no matter how small during this trying time, would be greatly appreciated, so that we can continue being there for our wildlife.

Donate to help feed Digger the warthog during Covid

This is Digger. He is a resident Warthog that came to us as a confiscated, illegal pet. He eats a lot, loves his mud pool and has a best friend that’s a goat, Mildred. Your R 35.00 donation buys a days worth of dry rations for him and his best friend. Thank you for your support!

Donate to help feed penguins in rehabilitation during Covid

Our penguins are a story of joy and hope. In the last two years, in conjunction with our Conservation partners, we have successfully released 11 batches of rehabilitated penguins with the last one being the day before lockdown!

When released they stay together and swim off into the ocean to rejoin penguin colonies along our coastline. Your donation here will buy 5kg of sardines that will feed our current batch of penguins in rehabilitation for 2 days! Thank you for your support!

Donate to help feed lions during Covid

This is our king of Tenikwa, MKulu. He is a white Lion and lives at Tenikwa with his sister, Kaluma. MKulu is a resident at Tenikwa and the star of our guided tours. Lions have always captured peoples’ imaginations and he helps us to educate our guests about the plight of lions in the wild. He eats on average 4Kg of food a day. Your donation helps relieve a large part of the costs in feeding and in turn helps drive more funds to our rehab program. Thank you for your support!

Donate towards rehabilitation during Covid

Our rehabilitation facility currently has 11 animals requiring food, health care, medication and special treatment. Your donation here helps us to help them. Our main goal is to release these animals back into the wild in safe places, away from human interference and in a healthy condition that improves their chances of survival. Thank you for your support!

Donate to help feed Zwe the leopard during Covid

A firm favorite among visitors is our male Leopard, Swelake, (pronounced Zwee-laa-key). He is fed daily and often we can hear him “pant-grunting” as we go about our daily business. Leopards are highly valued in illegal trade and we are very fortunate to have Zwe safe and sound with us at Tenikwa. Donate now towards his care.

Donate to help feed mongoose during Covid

Our resident Water Mongoose, Honey, is quite the little character. She eats a mixture of fresh meat and fish and loves to come up to us when we feed and make little noises of approval for her meals. She has a large natural “dam” in her enclosure and as the name suggests, she loves a good swim. Your donation here helps keep Honey happy:)

Donate to help feed weasel rehabilitation during Covid

This is a Striped Weasel. He arrived here a few weeks into lockdown. He is a strong fighter and trying his best to recover to full health. Not knowing the full history has made it difficult but we are feeding and monitoring him everyday. Your donation here helps us to pay for Veterinary visits, food and transport to get the little guy healthy again! Thank you for your support!

Donate to help feed Duma during Covid Button

This is Duma. He is an older boy now going on 12 years old! He currently eats about 3kg of food a day. He has specially prepared meals, he has fresh chickens that are skinned, have hard bones removed and specially prepped for his aging requirements. Your Donation buys his food for the day. Thank you for your support!

Donate to help feed meerkats during Covid

Meerkats are often considered to be good “pet” animals. This is not the case. They have highly developed social structures and need large family groups and lots of space to survive. For this reason we receive a LOT of meerkats. Your donation here helps to feed our Meerkat families for the day.

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Once-off donation using PayPal

Use Paypal to make a once-off donation to the value of your choice. Thank you for your support!

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Turtle careTortoise treatmentWildlife careWeighting scaleTenikwa Wildlife Hospital

For our Wildlife Hospital

We are always in need of various bandages supplies, in particular Cipla-Band 5cm, 7.5cm Cohesive Bandages, Pink Elastic Adhesive Bandage 2.5cm, 5cm and 7.5cm, Conforming Bandages 5cm, 7.5cm and 10cm, Colastic Cohesive Elastic Conforming Bandage 7.5cm and 10cm, Softcrepe Crepe Bandages, Mediwove Open Weave Bandage 10cm, TreatRap 7.5cm Conforming Bandage, SoftBan Synthetic 5cm and 7.5cm, Easifix Conforming Retention Bandages 5cm, 7.5cm, Blue Gauze Sterile Swabs 5’s (100mmx100mm), 8 ply Gauze Cotton Swabs 100mmx 100mm

Steri-stitches, Various Sizes

Needles – Gauges 27″, 21″,17″ x 1/2″ in particular

Syringes – 60ml Catheter End, 20cc, 10ml, 5ml, 2ml, 1cc, 1cc Insulin Syringes

General Items such as White Board and Permanent Ink Markers, Plastic White Patient ID Tags, Ear Buds, Blades

Equipment Needs

1 Zodiac VX55 4WD Pool Cleaner for our Marine Pool Area

1 Small Autoclave to sterilize equipment

1 Stainless Steel Examination Table (or Food Prep Table)

Table-top LED Bright Lamp

Penguin enjoying heatPenguin medical examVeterinary careTenikwa Laboratory

For our Laboratory

Fecal Float Kits

Blood Testing Strips (Freestyle)

Microscope Slides

Microscope Stain & fixative

Microscope Oil

Marine bird rehabilitationPenguin enjoying heatAnimal keeping careSeal RehabilitationHigh care facility

For our High Care Area

Replacement Infra-red Heat Bulbs

Drip Sets

Hot Water Bottles

Equipment Needs

Heater Pads

1 Portable Stainless Steel Drip & IV-Line Stand

1  Kodak POC 140 Reconditioned CR Unit

Oange 1060HF Portable X-RAY Generator 

Consumables Needed for X-Ray Generator : 
  • 1- 0,25 Pb single sided lead apron with front velcro
  • 1- Regular length mittens (protective) 0,35pB
  • 2- Thyroid collar 0,50pB
  • 1- Markers L and R on ribbon


We also use a lot of newspaper, black rubbish bags, tile cleaner, scrubbing brushes

Various Infrastructure Projects identified


Turtle Stabilisation Units

In winter, sea temperatures fluctuate and turtles caught in cold pockets are unable to adapt their body temperature to the rapid drop in temperature. This results in a condition called  “cold stunning” where the turtle’s metabolism slows down to the point that it cannot function and is forced to come ashore. We would like to set up a small aquarium for turtle hatchlings that we receive. These turtle need special care during this period as we bring them back from a state of hypo-thermia to normal body temperature.  We are looking for a donation of the following equipment or a sponsorship to purchase the following equipment in order to set up these facilities for turtles:

Turtle Hatchling Stabilisation Unit

Standard Glass Aquarium / Fish Tank – approximate size  1 metre x 1.5 metres

Filter equipment for the fish tank



Once the turtle hatchlings are stable, they are flown by courtesy of “CemAir” to 2Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town for further rehabilitation before release.


Adult Stabilisation Unit

1 Small Portapool (heavy duty plastic in wire grid)

Webbing to construct a Sling

R2500 donation for the cost of building an adjustable free-standing sling

Pool Heater and Temperature Gauge

Soft Release Enclosure

We would like to build a soft release aviary to assist with the process of releasing birds that have completed their rehabilitation and can be released in the area.  A soft release area allows the bird to become fit and adapt to a more natural environment which greatly improves the success of release post rehabilitation.  In order to construct the aviary, we are looking for a donation of the following materials or a contribution towards the purchase of the materials

Shade Cloth – black, maximum 40%

10 x Treated Gum Poles – 6 metre

1 Roll of Wire for Tensioning

Astro-turf offcuts, any size

Animal Enrichment and Learning Props

It is vital to keep the animals at Tenikwa in a healthy frame of mind. You wont find any obsese, bored cats here ! Animal enrichment is used extensively across all species as well as in our rehabilitation centre and is crucial in the preparation of animals for release.  The following items are very useful for this purpose:

Dried Spices – cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, star aniseed, cardamon seeds

Almost empty perfume and aftershave lotion scent bottles

Clean Hessian Bags, Old Pillow Cases (small tears are ok)